Brubik’s Cube (Virtual Ribik’s Cube)

Why another Virtual Rubik’s Cube program?

After seeing what was out there already, I found nothing that allowed the user to control the cube easily. Also, the ability to solve different sized cubes was limited, so I decided to write my own using OpenGL.



Simply drag any square on the cube in direction you wish to turn it.

Left mouse   - Rotate that slice only

Middle mouse - Rotate all slices from the selected slice to the closest edge

Right mouse  - Rotate entire cube (to get different view). Does not count as a move.



1-9,a-k : Selects Size of the cube, from 1x1x1 to 20x20x20! And goes to solved state.

p             : pause timer (will restart with any move)

r              : randomize (mix up) cube. Will start timer and move counter.

s              : Speed up animations

S              : Slow down animations

z              : Undo last move (can back up multiple moves)

y              : redo last move (can advance multiple moves)


Download Now

You will need glut32.dll in the folder with cube.exe or in the /windows/system of /windows/system32 folder. It is included in the download zip.

Best scores are kept in best.txt file (as well as desired speed). This will be created for you if needed.




Release Notes

v1.0.0.1 - Initial Release

v1.0.0.2 - Fixed potential lockup issue, shows previous best score in console windows when new best occurs.

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